Employers’ Representative/Project Management

Stuart provides full project management services, acting as the Employers’ Representative, at all stages from initial inception to procurement and delivery.

His unique experience- as Client, Main Contactor and Specialist Subcontractor on all types of landscape and public realm projects over many years, ensures that projects are designed to budget, procured and built to programme, meeting the quality expectations of the end users.

Peer review and design development from inception to delivery

Whether acting as Employers’ Representative; as part of the project design team or as a member of the delivery team, Stuart reviews landscape and civil engineering design proposals and helps to identify and resolve buildability, affordability and programming issues from the start of the design and procurement process.

This input also helps the project design and procurement teams to identify gaps in tender information that might cause confusion or misunderstanding.

This early and regular, targeted, input helps to ensure that design & construction programmes and budgets are achievable from the outset without the needs for costly, delaying  and disruptive post tender re-design.

This service is very flexible and can range from full project input, throughout all RIBA/LI design stages, or can be provided on an ad hoc basis to review certain elements of a particular project.

Project Cost planning

Because of his detailed knowledge of the landscape and public realm projects, Stuart is able to provide accurate cost planning specifically for landscaping and public realm projects. Working with the main project cost planners or on a standalone basis, Stuart’s involvement ensures that Clients and designers are aware of potential cost pressures very early in the design process.

When cost planning and design review services are combined the final designs are much more likely to be affordable, buildable within programme and meet the Clients ‘brief.